This is the time for me to move on (Y)

Peace be upon you , finally what I expected already becomes reality now. What is it ? I don't think I have to share because let it be secret between me, him and my buddies :') Smile and laugh are two best thing I can do now instead of crying. My tears just deserve for someone who deserve for that. Painful ? Hurt ? That is too normal for me and those who are in any relationship . As a marriage can destroy and the same thing also can happen in teenagers life. Crying ? Yeah this another obligatory thing for people who are lose someone they love. Yes , it hurt at the first time but as you have your family and friends . They are the best among the rest . Sometimes teenagers relationship ever lasting but sometimes are not . Maybe we should focus on our target. Study and career . Achieve your target only you deserve to be serious in a relationship.

I'm not motivate for others but this can keep inspiring me and remind me. Maybe it is too hard for me after all obstacles I've face . Want or not ? I have to accept the fact , he's not the one and I'm not the one . I've to believe there's always one person who always helping us . He never forget us if we keep remembering Him . He never stop showing His guidance and the right way for His slave. He test us because there are always better person for us . Stay cool and peace (Y)

For those who have someone special , appreciate them because happiness doesn't deserve for people who are don't know how to appreciate . When we already lose someone , only then we know how to appreciate and begging for them . But at the moment , everything is worthless . There's no wrong for hoping for someone but it base on your luck . Sometimes it worth and sometimes not . Love needs sacrifice , and do sacrifice your heart and going through the pain because as we patient we can get 1001 benefit . Trust me!

Lastly , I must and I have to move on . Leave everything behind and keep stepping forward . Never look behind because past is past and you never can move on if the past keep haunting you . Even though it is hurtful , more hurt if we lose friends and family . Choose the best thing . Sometimes , once we fail it does not means forever you will . I've to forget all the pain and look forward . Trust me , I'm gonna be the best and the new Kiko . Watch out of the new Kiko HIHI . Stay cool , peace (Y) Me love yaa friends !xx

ℒℴvℯ ,
Kiko Miko ♥