leave everything behind and step forward (Y)

Peace be upon :) For a long time I never update this blog . I just need time to be alone because I am not too strong to face all the obstacles from Him. I'm just a weakest girl :'( But Alhamdullillah , He never leave me alone . He keep showing me the way to get out from the problems. And now , I'm back to normal and keep blogging often . So , after this I can share how my life is with you guys. I really miss my bloggie. Everything I shared here and this is my second blog mwehehe :DD Alhamdullillah , I just finished my final exam. Even though it is so tough and hard but soalan bocor keep helping me all the time mwehehe :DD Kay , enough here about me ;)

One of the reason why I like facebook is because I can gain some best quotes from there . The quotes keep inspiring me when I at the bottom hmm :'< In human being, lost someone we love is too normal. Some people can face it so strong and keep stay strong as nothing happen but for certain people they can't and they really can't even though they've try . Some people also may look strong and calm outside but no one knows how their inside is. They keep smiling and control because they hide the real situation. Based on this quotes , it's really inspiring me hmm :') Loving our ex ? It's normal because no one can easily forget people who already make a lot of changes of themselves right ? It takes time and it's too hard . Sometimes, we can't force our heart to stop loving them even though they hurt us a lot . How powerful love is ? Hmm :'<

Single ? Taken ? For me it just a status, only a status. Truth to be , only your heart can determine what your status is . People may know you as single person , but they don't know what you feel and how your heart is. Being single also does not means no one wants you but it means there are still no the best person who deserve you. Being taken also does not mean they are 100 percent is yours. Trustworthy and honesty are too important things in a relationship. Without them , your relationship is zero O.o Sometimes if we hope too much , we only get hurt, The best thing is , stop hoping and just being cool and normal. We never know what will happen soon. Just stay cool and step forward :')

Iloveyou ? Imissyou ? Don't leave me ? These words are normal and always coming out from girls and boys. Easy to say to our partner right but is it easy to prove it ? We just said with the meaning and with the proof or just saying and never prove it ? Hmm , some people think yes these words only easy to say. Everyone loves to say these words but only certain people can prove it while others ? Where are you ? Why you guys never be brave and prove it as you all say ? Coward , is it ? Yes , you are coward . Either boys or girls , just same.

Black taught me , do not ever hope on something that are not sure yet because I might get hurt. But he never understand how hurt my heart is and how painful am I. I put aside the painful because of love. Once we love someone , we dare to sacrifice everything is it ? But no my dignity , I still have it okay. Love needs sacrifice, no matter how and when we still need it. I just need love and to be love but I'm not too desperate yet. When the times come, I'm ready for it and step forward but for now, just focus on my study and people around me who can accept me for who I am :')

ℒℴvℯ ,
Kiko Miko ♥