Peace be upon you my friends :) Hi peeps , so long never update this bloggie cause I am shoooo fucking busy with my f5 stuffs . Erghh seriously the regret feelings is hiting me now over and over now . Being a f5 student , you'll never have enough time to study everything in f4 in a short time . For me , I am really really regret never focus and study hard when I was in f4 because f4 is the basic for SPM . Again I repeat , THE BASIC for SPM ! Once you miss one lesson , you won't never ever understand the rest and now this is what happen to me . Okay at first I don't interested to go for tuition is because it needs a lot of money . Once you turn to f5 , you must spend at least RM 400 for your tuition fees . I am pity of my mum that's why I don't want to go for tuition but instead my mum said it's okay , this year she'll sacrifice everything for me as long as I can score for SPM . Hmm , thanks Ibu :'| When I was in f4 I think ohh f4 is honeymoon , no important exam but end of the year of f4 , you'll feel uneasy because you won't have enough time to study everything when you are in f5 >.<

Seriously ,  I am shoooooooooooooooo regret now because I never listen to my teacher and also my mum when I was f4 but yeaaa I know there's no point for being regret. But at least now I have realized it . So since I become f5 student . I have to struggle for my SPM so I take tuition at 4 different places and my tuition starts from Monday to Wednesday and continue back Friday and Sunday . Luckily if I absent for tuition , I can replace it back . In class , when there got no teacher I will finish my homeworks because when I go back home there's no time already . Sometimes I got tuition from 3 to 7 , sometimes 3 to 10 and my tuition almost 2 to 3 hours per day . So can you imagine , when I have free time to do my homework ? So I have to finish them at school . Unfortunately , once my netball , handball and Kadet training start , I won't ever have enough time . After training , I immediately go for tuition and I guarantee after tuition finish I go back home sleep because I am shoooooooooo tired . Hmm handball tournament will be on June and that time I have Kadet's training and also my trial hits me on August . Okay I am totally screwed ! Erghhh >.<

ℒℴvℯ ,
Kiko Miko ♥