famous words but is it easy to prove ?

Peace be upon you , for a week I'm gonna to share with you about love because after this one week I'm gonna close the book and step forward and never looking back . I wish I can and I know I can because I am strong and always be strong :) Kay just now I was tidy up my wardrobe and suddenly I found this key chain . I forgot who gave me this key chain but I think it has 1001 meanings right ? It can be either positive or negative meaning . So I straightly took this key chain I thought what is the meaning of this phrase ? I'm wondering why teenagers nowadays choose to be in love than be single and alone . Why is it hurt when we broken heart ? And many else 1001 questions in our mind .

First , love can be the sweetest thing in our life if we know how to solve the formula of love's problem . Love can't be perfect but you can make it looks perfect . Love is not complete without trustworthy and honesty . Everyone deserve for second chance . By the second chance , we can give them opportunity to change themselves and fix the relationship . You can't gain happiness if you don't know how to appreciate someone . Love always come and go . It never ever lasting for teenagers like us . For further the relationship , we have and we must be mature and think as a mature person . Ego ? Just get rid of that feelings . You go no where if you keep following your ego . We need to be ego sometime but not most of the time . Because of an ego , we may lose someone and we have potential for losing them . Ego is too dangerous, trust me teenagers !

Teenagers nowadays choose to be love and in love because we can feel the happiness when someone special cares of us , entertain us like an angel . Words can't describe the feelings and how amazing is . Only your heart can determine how the happiness is . You can describe it but it won't be the same as the real . For those who are having problems with their family and friends , the only person can help them out from be stress is their lover . Maybe we think it is useless sharing problems with our partner but we never know and understand their feelings and their problems . We simply judging without asking . That is why we can get negative respond of love .

Why is it too hurt and painful when we broke up or lose someone special ? This because we gain a lot of memories with them and certain people change from bad to a better person because of their partner . They inspire them to be a good and mature person . We never and we can't force our heart for stop loving them . It is too hard for us because the too much memories is torturing ourselves too much . The more we try to forget, the more we memorize and remember them . For girls the best way is crying and keep crying you may feel better than before . As I am weak person , yes it is too hard for me to forget him . 10 months relationship can't easily ends like this and with this way . It makes me more hurt and painful and the more I forget the more I remember :'( Come on , I must be and keep strong . Teenagers , love need sacrifice and do sacrifice as much as you can . Sometimes hopping is worthy but sometimes they are not . Just keep praying to Him . He will answer our prayer with the best answer . InsyaAllah , Amin :')

ℒℴvℯ ,
Kiko Miko ♥