I'm wishing the best for me and my friend :*

Peace be upon you , hi bloggers ! Sorry because no entry for yesterday . I was out of idea . No idea at all mwehehe :D For the first time I'm blank and no entry to post . A lots of sorry dear bloggers . Hmm kay let's start , yesterday I tried to wear this pashmina . Seriously , at first I don't know how to wear it and it's hard for me to design it . I've watched the tutorial in youtube but still blurr how to decorate of this pashmina . The influence of Hana Tajima is amazing because certain girls are trying to wear hijjab because of her . Well , it's good actually but it is more good if we wear hijjab sincerely from our heart not because of we want to look beautiful . That is what we call hypocrite but there's no wrong if we are trying . People who want to change , they will try slowly and slowly so don't insult them if sometimes they wear and sometimes they not . We do not know their reason so stop judging them from outside okay . You'll go nowhere babe . There's no wrong if we have intention to be a better person but we must make sure it sincerely comes from our heart or we may change back to our old attitude and people will talk back of people who are wearing hijjab .

Sometimes , because of one person do wrong , we'll judge the rest of them right ? Yea , that's right because I always judging them like you do but pity them because of one person , we think negative about the rest . Hmm , I really want to change in this way but the time has not come yet and I never stop praying to Him . He will and always help people who are needed for it , is it ? He won't test us out of our control . He know the best and he always give the best for us but sometimes we do not realize it . If I am going to change with this style , I also must change the rest of my attitude , the way of my dress up , the way I'm talking with people and the way I care of my manners . As you know , bad words always coming out from my mouth and I just can't control them . LOL ! I am stupid . He asked me just now why nowadays I get mad easily ? Do you know that I've being different since you left me alone here ? No , you never know , is it ? Haihhh . Stop it Eika , enough is enough . Try to be an ego person sometimes . Yeaaaa , I will err but can I ? I don't think so >.< The best thing is just be cool and stay chill okay . Don't care much about this such things . You will go nowhere Eika ! No where !

Hi , he's one of my best best friend . We was enemy before and I've no idea how come we can be a bestie now . LOL ! It is so unexpactable dude , mwehehe :D You use to insult me before , keep messaging me and mad like an insane person and I've totally forgot how come we can become bestie >.< I think it is nonsense sometimes . For the second time we fought together I think last 3 or 4 months ago . We fought because my ex , Heyy You was too jealous about our friendship , is it ? Haihhh , no comment bout this because he's not the one who are jealous of our friendship , Black . Err , let them be but I hope we are still and stay as best best friend okay ? So tomorrow you are going to sign up at your new college . I'll pray the best for you Black , this is the second place you further your study . You advised me to achieve my career first so I hope you'll do the same . We are quite far apart now but don't worry , I'm fine here . First thing I am going to ask you tomorrow is have you find the prettiest girl there ? Mwehehe :DD Best of luck , Black !xx

ℒℴvℯ ,
Kiko Miko ♥