Girl's tears are meaningful :'(

Peace be upon you dear bloggers , sorry no entry for yesterday . I was too lazy to update and do anything . Okay let's start , just now I opened one blog and this girl lost his boyfriend . Her boyfriend death because of an accident . Pity this girl , their 10 months memories and relationship boom just ended with that way . But , their relationship are amazing . God showed to him and prove to him that this girl is the one and only for him . Kay , I don't know how to explain how amazing their relationship are but all I can say is you guys are amazing and girl , just keep praying for him . Achieve your career like he asked before . Huh , seriously I was cried read your blog just now . I don't know how strong you are facing this things and accept the fact that your lover no longer exist in this world . Omaigod :O That is totally freaking hard , is it ? Never mind , God always with you :)

Kay , next is my story . Err yesterday 17th of November suppose to be our 4 months annivesary but it never happen because as we know we are nothing hmm :'< Not easy for anyone to forget their longest memories and everything . Your words , your promises and everything keep haunting in my mind . I just can't get rid of them . Maybe it is better if I keep all of them in my mind . I don't want and never want to forget all this memories . And I just realized one thing girl , You followed my blog , twitter and facebook because your intention just want to keep stalking on me . Girl , you don't have to do that . I lost in this game , you win because you get him while me ? No , I am not having him . Anything else , you can ask me personally , no need to keep stalking on me . One more thing , I know a relationship consists of two person which are a boy and a girl . Don't worry , I'm not a bitch who don't know how to count and ruin people relationship . Enough for me you take care of him and his feeling . Don't ever repeat the same mistake like I did before because you may be like me . I wish you guys will ever lasting and hope you'll be the superb and amazing for him and just like what he wants . I know I'm sucks and sorry if words that coming out from my mouth are hurting you guys . I just don't realized my mistakes . Again sorry and wish you guys all the best !xx :') Goodbye 17th of November !xx :')

ℒℴvℯ ,
Kiko Miko ♥