She's mine , boys ! HIHI :DDD

Peace be upon you , Hi my girlfriends and boyfriends ;) K today I am so happy dumpy muppy HIHI . I got my new boyfriend . Hee , guess who ? I bet certain of you might think they must be boy , is it ? Tett you're wrong . She is a girl HIHI :DD She's known as amy bebeboo . K memang belom jmpa lagi because i'm stuck with family problems so if selalu kluar lepak takot my family becomes worst hmm . K this little girl keep concern about me HIHI . Selalu wall tanya itu ini . At first macam ee malas nya nak layan , tak suka la HAHA then dah lama-2 k she's okay actually HAHA sorry but i love to judge people first without knowing them well hihi . And tonight this lille girl proposed me hihi aww suka kita sorry but i'm not lesbian okay . I still have feeling to boys HIKK HOKK :DD K , i just want you to know , iloveyou baby :* Boys , she's mine so back off HIHI KBAI :D