A second to like you , few hours to love you but a lifetime to forget everything about us :'(

Peace be upon you friends , K let me share something with you . After what happened to me , I'm trying to be strong and forget everything . I'm slowly change to be a strong girl after someone came in my life and color my life with happiness . I'm slowly can forget about my ex but then just now accidently I saw his default picture with his new gf and I become weak again . Yes I admit it that I can't forget him clearly because our memories and his promises keep haunting me again and again . Whenever I try to forget about him , I will remember everything about us . I  thought I strong enough but I was wrong :'( I am not and not I can't lie to my own feelings . Yes , words can lie everyone but heart never does :'(

Everyone advised me and ask me to forget everything bout him but they are not in my shoes , they don't ever feel how I feel now . the pain that I suffer all this time . My relationship for 7 months crush and end with sad ending . I never feel this feelings before , once I feel only I know how much hurt it is . I though love is the sweetest thing in this world but it only can feel for certain people who knows how to chose the right partner ever and that happiness can be feel by certain people . Not all couples can feel the sweetness of love and I am the one of them .

Because of love , I'm turn to a quiet girl . I'm not like before because I keep remember everything before . I'm trying to forget all this thing with my new guy who came after my ex left me alone . Everyday I hope , he is not the same like my bf . I am give up with love at first but I realize that I can't think that all the boys are the same . Maybe according to my age now , I am not suitable to find my true love but I know that the love will come but I have to wait for it patiently . These problems turn me to a matured person . All I hope is your support friends ;) I really need it and I appreciate it . Thank You to my beloved friends :*