I'm a sweet girl HIHI :*

Big girl won't cry anymore HIHI



Peace be upon you , hee k hi precious friends . Long time no see HIHI sorry for not update blog this lately . Busy with some stuffs HIKK HOKK . K my life getting good day by day . This is because my people around me always give support to stay strong . Hmm , I really appreciate it guys . Thanks a lot okay hee :) Hmm nothing special happened to me but I would like to share some love story hee . K I admit yeah it's hard to forget people that make you smile , make you feel awesome and make you feel perfect all the time . It's quite hurt when they leave us for other person . That's hurt to much and no words can describe it . Maybe sometimes I said " Sorry , I can't accept you anymore " But things can change when something happen and the feelings can change too but we don't know when and why

Sometimes , we always give hope too much that we can get back the person that leave us and hurt us but deep inside our heart we still love them and we can't deny that . Only words can't lie but our heart never and never right ? Sometimes , people who give hope too much is lucky but sometimes they are unlucky . I read some quote before which is don't trust too much , don't hope too much , don't love too much because that too much will hurt you so much . I hold on this word that's why I be aware with boys who want to be serious with me hmm :'/

Can you see the roses up there ? What's the different between them ? 3 roses were made up from paper and the other 2 roses made up from plastic . And they have other meanings too . 3 roses stand for I LOVE YOU but 5 roses stand for I LOVE YOU NON STOP . Can you see the different ? 3 roses don't state how much and how big the love is but 5 roses explain everything . For those who get these roses from me , trust me you are the luckiest boy in this world because I am the girl who deserve for you . Don't judge me by my appearance but judge me based on my heart , how sweet I am , how faithful I am and how awesome I am . I promise you that you are not the first but the last for my lifetime .Once you get the key to unlock my heart , make sure you take care my heart for what I deserve for . Hold on my words