Friendship for a lifetime :*

* ajay and me

* me and anem

Peace be upon you , K hi precious friends HIHI :DD Hmm , like usual i'm gonna share my daily story with you people . Hmm k yesterday , heyy you text me up and said " imissyou Eika , i janji i tak kan lupakan you , please jangan benci i . Masing-2 ego . Eika :( " When I got this message from you , only one thing I feel , sad . You know why I felt sad ? Because you are not mine anymore and that words came out from you for me . I'm sorry , I can't accept it . You asked me for not hating you , but your attitude already make me hate you for a lifetime boy . I was giving you chance for a week after we broke up , but you didn't show any respond that you want me back . Since that time , my heart is totally close for you , aziz . Because of you , I am trauma with boys . With their sweet talker , sweet words . All because of you , boy . Because of you , I have to reject and ask time for me to forget everything . Honestly I said , You are the most cruel ex boyfriend that I ever had . Sorry to say boy but that's what you deserve for . Please don't come back after what you had done to me because I am trying to forget everything about us :( don't force me to hate you more than now :')

Since you left me alone , cruel boy . Only my friends around me replaced your place . They tried their best to help me to forget about you . I was a weak person but now I am stronger enough and I'm begging you please don't come back anymore because you will turn me to a weakest person ever and for a lifetime . Yea , I admit sometimes I remember everything about us but it doesn't worth anymore . You left me like a bullshit , like no heart feelings . I never think to revenge you back because I know The Power up there will return back for what you deserve for . I am lying if I said that I am not missing you . I still have that feelings but less than before . For now , I only focus on my study and to people who loves me sincerely and accept me for who I am and never take advantages on me . That kind of boy is deserve for my heart . Please don't come back unless God sent you to take care again of me for a lifetime , boy :')

K , up there are my pictures with nadzir and anem . They are my schoolmates since in primary school . They are my buddies that always support me at school and give me some advices that I can take as motivation for my daily life . Sorry , I am not pretty enough like your mistress but I guarantee that my heart is not like your mistress . Thank You , bye thanks for reading this boring blog :')

- The End -