The reason why I keep smiling is YOU :*

Peace be upon you , K hi bloggers how are you ? I hope God keep blessing you all the time aminn :) K , finally all my problems settle down already . I am so thankful , thanks God for helping me :) And now I would like to share with you guys about my bitch HARHARHAR :DD Okay , her full name is Siti Mariam but people use to call her Cat . We close to each other for a year and more I think . K , she is my boyfriend , my girlfriend , my sister , my mum , my friend everything she can be but not as enemy . Until whenever she won't be my enemy . I hold on my words . She is my twins too cause when she feel sad , I can feel her sadness and if I feel sad , she can feel my sadness too . Maybe God already know that she's the best for me thats why He sent her to my for my lifetime :)

She helped me a lot , she advised me a lot when I have problems , and whenever I need her she always by my side . Yes , we have a lots of friends right ? But the one who really-2 understand me and know who I am is only her even though we know each other only for one year and half maybe but she know the truly me compare to my others friends . I don't say that my others friends are not too good , they are superb but Cat is more superb ever . Cat is far from me so she can't lend me her shoulder whenever I need it , but my other friends do . Thats the different . Whatever it is , I LOVE MY FRIENDS :* I miss this meow meow girl , I miss the moment I spend my time with her at Pantai Dalam , there are one thousand and one memories between us and I'll keep it in my heart and mind for my lifetime , ILOVEYOU :*

- The End -