Siti Mariam Jamil ❤

Peace be upon you , okay here we go . I have one and only one and one best best friend ever . Yeah , usually , people will have more than one best friends is it ? But for me , she is deserve to call as my best friend ever . She's like my sister :) Okay , I knew her since I was 15 . That means , last year after I broke up with my ex which is her schoolmate's . For the first time we know from myspace . Then slowly comment and changed number then our relation go through better and better . She helped me a lot when I got problems with my fucking ex . And I'm not expected that we can be best friend . Since that , I share all my problems sadness or happiness with her . She knows how to advice me , give me support and sometimes give me exam answer HIHI . Yeah , i know her family already except her mom . Never seen before . Hey bitch , i miss the moments with go out and spend time at your house HIHI :DD and now you already fall in love with my brother , Haaaaaaa kantoi HAHA . Nahh , I want to thank you because whenever i need you , you are here . When i sad , you feel the same , when i angry , you feel the same . That's what we call best friend forever and after :DD ILOVEYOU