The Ending of Love :')

Peace be upon you , k memang lama giler tak update blog nie kan . Day by day ada je benda yang jadi but malas nak type satu hal . K people , today is the ending of my love story . Don't ask me why because I did not have answer for that . Sometimes , we decides something without reasons . There is nothing impossible in this world . Anything can happened . So I decided to let go whatever I have now maybe I might regret later but it makes me more matured than now . We did not know if we never try it . So , I can't force my heart to accept everything and do everything , it might hurt other's feelings . Sometimes , we have to be selfish for ourselves . Forget about other's feelings . Our feelings are more important so this is what I do . People might feel weird what happen actually but let it be my secret . Okayy , until here my post . Later update again baiii :')

p/s : Don't lie about your feelings because it might hurts other people