6 months and one day ❤

Peace be upon you :) Hee hari nie dah genap 6 bulan 1 hari couple dengan heyy you . K maybe nie tak lama bagi certain people but for me it's kinda long time sebab aku tak pernah couple lama macam nie . Paling lama pon 2 bulan 2 minggu 3 hari . But sekarang dah almost 6 bulan so I'm very happy and shocked HIHI :* tak pernah eika sesetia nie couple dengan someone . Selalunya couple kejap , ada problem ke ape ke gado sebab aku memang bukan orang yang penyabar HEE :DDD But bila dengan heyy you , everything changes already HIKK HOKK :P

With you , I learnt how to be faithful , how to be loving , caring , sweet and patient . With you , I never fed up when we get into problems but sometimes it's out of control but you know how to handle me up . You know my attitude , you know bout my bad action but you try to change me to be a better girl . With you also , I learnt about love and only now i know how sweet love is . You know how to take care of me HIHI :* All i want is our relationship stay longer . I'll pray for it , amin ~ ILOVEYOUBOYFIE ❤