Peace be upon you. Kay seriously so long never log in this blog. Well I am out of idea and feel some kind of lazy feelings mwehehe :DD Okay many things happened to me since November but I never share anything here because I am shoooooooo lazy. Okay so let me share few of them with you. Hmm , I joined Mokhdar Camp which is about calculus and maths also science. But the amazing this is there are no limit for the participant's age. There are many people who are older than me. I gained so many knowledge there . I got so many friends and being there for a week such a good things cause they are too memorable. It's hard to accept when then camp has been over. Hmm , I miss my friends and also my facies :'[ But , we have decided that we will go to that camp again next year and I am shooooooo excited too see them again . I miss the way we're doing SWAG ! Abang Lokie taught us these cheers and so Abang Haslam . He taught me some kind of best cheers but I nearly forgot those cheers. Seriously can't wait to meet them again . I never feel this kind of feelings .At first I'm not interested with this camp .But day after day I learned how to fix myself there . It's really superb and awesome !

Okay enough about that camp. Well people always change right ? Either from bad be a good or from good be a bad person . Well maybe they got influence by people surrounding . So , not everything is their fault . I never be kepoh and tell everyone that I'm already change . I start to admit that I'm change when people asked me about it so I be honest . Sometimes it is not easy to get the sign from Him but we can keep praying to Him . Alhamdulillah , He showed me the best way for my life and I'm grateful I accept the way He gave me sincerely . People can talk bad behind me but you'll pay for the sins loser . So haters , you never bring me down instead you give me strength to face this kind of people like you . Thank You for those who always pray for me especially my mum and my friends and thanks also to my boyprengg Nazim because keep supporting me . InsyaAllah this image will stay forever . Amin . Okay , it's time for bed time story . Good Night uollss ! Peace be upon you :)

ℒℴvℯ ,
Kiko Miko ♥