love is complicated like maths formula :')

Peace be upon you , hi bloggie . I just came back from NANANANANA GANUU KITEWW HAHA :DD K kinda boring there cause there's nothing you can do there . All you can do is staying at home cause there are too hot and burning there . Err , I can't handle with it >.< I get some stuff for my buddies . Even though I didn't buy them by money but I know they are priceless . I'm stuck with problems when I was there . I may look strong enough outside but truth to say I'm the weakest girl ever when facing a problem . I'm coward ? Yes , I do . I'm scared to settle down problems cause I'm scared I'm gonna hurt and I can't accept the reality . Yes , that is me . Yes , love is complicated like maths formula . If you're having a problems , it may takes one thousand and one way to solve it . Love supposed to be happiness , you can get it if you know how to bring your relationship to that level .

Yes , I admit sometimes I may look like unmatured person . I rather to keep quiet and silence cause I know that is the best way . It's hard for me to say the truth for what I do not like and not satisfied . I'm scared to be honest cause i'm scared i'm gonna get hurt and lose someone that I love . I prefer being silence cause only me feel the hurt and only me go through the pain . Even though there are someone care bout me and ask me bout my problems , all I can say is " I'm okay , I'm fine . It's nothing " Yes I'm not perfect and I can't be perfect but I promise you one thing , boyfriend . I promise you I'll make this relationship looks perfect . Even though there are many obstacle between us , I'm trying to face it cause I don't want to lose you anymore :')

Yes , I did a mistake before . I never think bout your feelings . I know I dissapointed you a lot . I know you can't put your trustworthy on me anymore but please give me second chance . I promise you I'll try fix our relationship . I never want our relationship end with this way . A successful relationship is the union of two good forgivers , lovely . And the only reason why I won't let go of what is making me sad , is because it was the only thing that made me happy and it's you Mohd Redzuan . I know since that incident , we are being different . I know I hurt you a lot and a lot and I know love is complicated for you but if I was given another chance , I promise you I will make our relationship look perfect . Truth to be , I miss the old you , the old me , the old us . Please , I need that back and I know I'm the one who make this things start . Only one thing I ask from you , give me second chance cause I deserve for the second chance and everyone deserve for it . I miss you , I love you a lot . Forgive me for everything :'(

Lots of love , Your faithful ❤